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Web Design

A very important part of web design, beyond the visual aesthetics, is the way it is coded and the copy that is written. A well designed web site should be user and search engine friendly in order to gain the most traffic.

Visually aesthetic design must be accompanied by the choice of the right domain name, correct and semantic coding to ensure that your web site is search engine friendly from day one.

We are a team of seasoned professionals who offer different skill sets in web design, web development, copy writing, graphic design and offset printing. Depending on your project needs and budget requirements we can provide you with a solution. Our design approach is friendly and collaborative, we work with you until we arrive at a universally loved solution.

We strive to provide your business with it's best marketing tool ever.

We recommend hosting your web site with Bluehost for their excellent support.
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Site Maintenance

In order to keep a WordPress site secure, it is critical to monitor the site on a regular basis and update it to the latest version of WordPress. Plugins also need to be updated from time to time to correct any vulnerabilities.

WordPress sites should also be backed up regularly so as not to lose any content that has been added by the site owner. Most backup plugins only back up the database. Images and posts will be lost if the site goes down or is hacked. The back up can be done manually if you are comfortable using FTP or for a monthly fee of $30 we can monitor your site and take care of all your updating and back ups.

We also highly recommend Vaultpress which for a fee has an automated backup and easy restore function.

A logo can be the heart, soul, and face of your brand. Without a strong one, any business can suffer. Establishing an identity and, more importantly, the right identity is everything.

Creating a strong logo and identity begins with understanding your market and identifying what is truly unique about your company. We make sure your identity will complement both your company and engage your targeted audience.

Our approach is designed to help your brand stand out and stand the test of time. The goal is to create something beautiful and truly representative of your brand and then deliver that to the world.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization starts with good web design, and that means visually pleasing, semantically coded and well written copy using the main keywords. We cannot guarantee you will be on the first page of Google, but we can design and build your web site correctly giving it all the correct tools to give you a head start in the SEO world.

If you have an extensive budget you can hire an SEO firm to boost your ratings, but if your budget is smaller there are a lot of things you can do yourself with a well designed and prepared web site.

A lot of your company information is a matter of public record? This means that regardless if you want to be involved socially or not, your company might already be. Services such as Google Places and Yelp may list information about your company whether you’ve created a profile or not.

All these listings should be seized as an opportunity to expand your Web presence. These services give you the option to control what is shown about your company and how it is shown. Claim all of the profiles that mention your company and update the information. Be consistent on each network so the same information is listed.

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